Bytes of Creativity is a Professional Photography Studio & Creative Workshop operated by Creative Director, Vince Terrazas.

Photography - I specialize in Landscape and Wildlife Photography along with a unique approach to Portraiture Photography including Fitness, Fashion, Glamour, Boudoir and Avant-garde style photo shoots.

 Music - I write, compose and record my own blend of Native American Flute and EDM Ambient music.

 Artistic Creations - Besides Photography and Music, I try to expand my creative side by utilizing many forms of mixed media such as Painting, Graphic Design, Creative Writing or just about anything that helps my brain express the inner artist in me.

This site is all about stimulating the senses through Photography, Music and other creative endeavors. As I use it to spotlight some of my own creations, I’ll also be sharing resources to help you tap into your own creative side. I hope it proves helpful to you on your quest for inspiration.

So on that note, welcome! Come on in, make yourself at home and introduce yourself if you feel so inclined. Stay for a minute or browse for a while, and when you leave, know that I wish you peace and success on your creative journey.