Indigenous Sounds - Native American Flute compositions mixed with a few ambient sounds to put you in a peaceful state of mind.

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This album is a collection of past creations that highlight the voice of my soul through musical dreams and ambient tones. The predominant instrument you will experience on this album is my Native American Flute with a touch of tranquil atmosphere sounds that bring it all together. Except for the songs “Layers of Sound” and “Connections, these all were produced before the first of my two brain surgeries in 2009 (second surgery in 2013). This album is a collection of those times and a reminder that I still have plenty more to offer to the world of creativity. This album is dedicated to the amazing friends I’ve met in the virtual world of Second Life and to those that have dealt with brain/pituitary tumors in their lives or in the lives of family & friends. Thank you all for your support and encouragement to express “The voice of my soul” ~Vince Terrazas